A Day in the Clouds

Saturday - April 22

We were up with the sun after a good night’s rest. However, our slumber had taken place in two parts. Part one occurred from 9:00 to 1:00 when both of us woke up ready for our day. After a few hours of tossing and turning we returned to dreamland and did not awake until 7:00. 

The plan of the day would take us to a hilltop village about an hour west of our villa. Once again, Antonio, our driver from yesterday, would transport us to the magical village of Erice. He arrived promptly at 9:30 as requested and we piled into his van. The sun was shining and Antonio told us that the views should be wonderful today from the top of the mountain.

The ride was beautiful as we drove parallel the sea to the city of Trapani. Trapani is the capital. as well as the name of the region in which the town of Erice resides.

To reach Erice, Antonio would drop us at the base of the mountain in Trapani and a cable car would take us the rest of the way. Straight up the mountain to an elevation of 2,500 feet.

A few of us are not a big fans of heights or cars that hang by a single strand of wire which makes a clanking noise as it shakes past every supporting pole on its journey. We all did good, and no one was nervous or scared… and that is the truth! I swear!

The village, which was established by the Phoenicians and mentioned by the poet Virgil in his writing, has stood the test of time. Erice, with its narrow cobblestone streets and multiple churches offers an experience to all that visits. And oh, the views!

We bought a pass that allowed us to visit 5 of the churches as we weaved through the streets of Erice. First stop was La Torre di Re Federico (King Frederick's Tower) which stands next to the Il Real Duomo (Cathedral of Erice)

The journey to the top of the tower was quite a climb, especially if you were taller than 5 feet 2. Up, up, up, as we spiraled to the top. Reaching our goal just as the bells began to ring. Whoa was it loud!

And once again this high perch offered a view that was just breathtaking!

After touring the cathedral, which was beautiful with the amazing vaulted ceiling work, we headed into the heart of the village.

The people watching was interesting as we wandered the streets along with tourists and locals. This dare devil child on his bike could be seen throughout the village zipping in and out the people.

Later, he teamed up with a friend on a scooter in one of the squares where we took a short break to rehydrate. With all the excitement of the cable car and exertion expended walking, the time had come for…

We got off our feet for a break and while sitting in Umberto Square, the bright sun would disappear ever so often as a cloud passed over and dropped down upon us. This cloud phenomenon is known as Venus Embraced. It was so surreal!

While still in the states, Tom booked another linner for us to enjoy at a restaurant which served as a convent many years ago. It is now a restaurant and hotel and the menu looked amazing and the ambiance was what he was looking for in our hilltop village culinary experience.

So far, our day in Erice had involved walking uphill. The restaurant was downhill to the edge of the mountain. Walking on the uneven cobblestones streets downhill was slightly more challenging than uphill. Tom had remembered his fall in Porto on these rocky streets and was very aware of each step he took.

Unfortunately, Tom mixed up the time and we arrived at 2:30, the staff was not amused… the reservation was at 2:00. They would be closing shortly for the midday break before dinner service, but they were nice enough to seat us and provided great service for our meal. Once again it was quite a meal with wonderful wine pairings!

Food enjoyed with a Sicilian wine is a hard combination to beat.

We had just finished our deconstructed cannolo siciliano when we realized that it was time to meet Antonio for the return trip to the villa. Once again, he arrived at the exact moment he said he would and we all piled into the van. The only difference was that I am sure the van weighed a little more than it did when we arrived in Erice.

Opting out of the cable car ride back down the mountain, we had arranged for Antonio to pick us up at the restaurant. Our descent offered spectacular views of the coast and the blue water that lay thousands of feet below us.

The hour ride back to Isola delle Femmine passed quickly. Antonio chatted about the history and the land of Sicily as we whizzed by beautiful scenery. It was even a good time for a short power nap.

Once back at the villa a short walk into town for supplies was in order. We took a different route that took us along the sea and the fresh salt air felt good.

We grabbed the items needed and headed back to the villa calling it a day. And oh, what a day it had been! 

Ciao for now!


  1. Love all the fabulous pictures!! What a trip it was to Erice!! ❤️❤️

  2. Really enjoying the pictures and commentary of your adventures!

    1. Lots more to come... we are only in the beginning this adventure

  3. Sounds like a great day! Enjoying the photos… that sea!!

    1. The sea and the colors are just beautiful! Thanks for following along.

  4. Thank you for sharing your blog and pictures, what an incredible adventure! We are loving every post. Have fun and be safe. Kenny and Emily

  5. This is truly a beautiful island! The food and wine are superb! Have you considered Grillo? :)

  6. wow - love seeing all your smiles.

  7. Tom and Janet, the blog is like living our trip all over again!

  8. Thanks! Wish we had three more days there.