A Beach Walk

Monday - April 24

Our fourth day in the villa began exactly as the third day with a big breakfast followed by some chill time around the villa. The plan from the beginning was to enter Sicily and have some downtime and we lived up to the plan. By not renting a vehicle we limited what we could do in this pre-trip phase of our trip, but it has worked out well. So, the morning consisted of reading, enjoying the sunshine, and a little laundry.

We decided to take a walk down the beach and find a place to have a Sicilian power lunch. The wind was blowing hard and the sea was churning in white caps.

The wind was really howling and the smell of the sea was prevalent, as well as other smells which were not quite as nice. They are building a promenade in Isola delle Femmine which will be beautiful when finished. Right now, it is a construction zone with a fence running parallel to the water. Once you clear the work zone, wildflowers and rock formations buffer the pedestrians from the sea.

The further we walked, the wildflowers became beach sand. There were a few brave souls that were enjoying the sun and the wind. Unfortunately, there was an ugly side to our walk also. The quantity of trash, broken bottles, and discarded food also line the beaches. It is so sad to see such a beautiful place marred by in considerate humans. Land mines from dogs are also prevalent and cause a walker to keep a keen eye out with each step. However, the beauty all around you trumps the ugliness.

We reached a large stretch of sandy beach where a fair number of people had gathered to enjoy the day. We did not see anyone in the water, but that was not surprising. The wind was a steady 20 knots and the air temperature was right at 70F.

After walking 1.5 miles everyone was ready for their power lunch. There in front of us was our destination!

Ahhhh… when in Sicily, Gelato should be consumed with every meal! All other food groups are optional. We decided to stick with this cold treat to provide our substance for the afternoon meal. Remember, we did have a big breakfast! The pistachio gelato is the best in our humble opinion.

Re-energized from our power lunch we headed back to the villa. As we walked along the sea on the hill overlooking us, we could see a small white building that had been spray painted.

At this point, we will take an off ramp to discuss an ugly side of the Sicilian past and how it has changed for the better.  Living in the states many of us have this impression that this island is the land of Don Corleone. Maybe in the past that was the case, but today in modern Sicily the role of the mafia has been greatly reduced. Two events in the 1990s changed Sicily for the better. Unfortunately, it also cost the life of a judge and his family. Here is the Wikipedia back story: Capaci Bombing.

The spray paint on the white building proclaimed the words “No Mafia”! This is where the assassin pushed the button that ignited 400 kg of explosives in a drainpipe under the road. Today where the explosion occurred two monuments bracket the road. The people of Sicily, when the judge and his family and another judge were assassinated in Palermo, stood up against the dark force that was so prominent on this island in years past.

We returned to the villa and once again just chilled until the next planned activity – Dinner! Today is a special day and a special dinner was called for.

Andy and Karen 41st Anniversary! We had reservations for 7 o’clock, which was the earliest slot open at Godiva Restaurant in town. Known for their specialty pizzas, they also offered some tantalizing options for dinner. After arriving, we were seated right on the water’s edge, and besides a young couple, we were the only customers.

Most of our group went with pizza, which was what the restaurant was known for.

Tom was ready for piece of cow part and the restaurant was featuring an Argentinian Angus Steak which he enjoyed with chunks of tomatoes from heaven that were topped with basil and a little olive oil drizzled on for good measure. The bottle of Ammasso Nero D’Avola paired perfectly!

Let’s not forget dessert! A pistachio parfait enjoyed with an espresso with sambuca was perfecto to bring another dining experience to an end.

It was approaching the 10 o’clock hour and a recurring theme was beginning to take shape. Eat a fabulous meal, have some excellent wine, and waddle back to the villa for a wonderful night’s sleep!

Ciao my friends!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day! Julie

  2. Happy Anniversary to Andy and Karen!! Keep up the wonderful commentary…all be safe and have fun!!

  3. Happy Anniversary from the Haggertys!